His Children, His Sheep


True Christians hear their Master’s voice and follow Him. Why did Jesus use the analogy of sheep for His people? Sheep are the most harmless, quiet, in-offensive creatures that God made. Thus, Christians should be very humble and lowly minded. Jesus said to learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart. They should be known as people who are of a kind and loving spirit, who desire to good to all, who do not injure anyone by word or deed, who do not seek the greater things of this world.

Christians should be content to go on the path of duty, showing forth in their lives and outward conversation that the Holy Spirit has given them a new nature, has taken away their old corrupt disposition and planted in them godly thoughts, purposes and desires. Only after we come to know Jesus, and what He did in His great sacrifice on the cross, can we become like Him and then can men see the Lamb in us.